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David Zabriskie, Professional Cyclist
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Posted on June 29th, 2015

The local market has noticed our FUBAR VersaClimber Workout – The first VersaClimber group class in the Nation!

On-line and Traditional Media:

latimes-logoLA times article in the Health & Fitness Section. Click on this link to see the original article:



abc7logo_featured-ImageABC7 morning segment with correspondent Lori Corbin. Click on this link to watch the spot:





We were featured on the Daily Buzz a nationally syndicated program distributed by KDOC – Click on this link to watch the spot:


images (16)A great article in Outside Magazine featuring our S&TF FUBAR Group VersaClimber Workout.  To see full article click, on this link:


nftjsm14coverFeatured in the online Fall issue of the National Fitness Trade Journal, on page 10.  To read and see the full feature, click on this link:





Men’s Journal article featuring Jacques DeVore and his client Dave Zabriskie, 7 X US National Time Trial Champion:


 Other Exposure:

50314_130329147029878_7443178_nWe came in 2nd on the LA HOT List, out of 48 nominees in the Best Gym Category! As the 2014 Runner-up we are proud of this accomplishment, including the fact we have only been open since January 20th 2014. Click on link to see results and rankings:

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Unleash your Superpower!

Posted on June 16th, 2015


Everybody is pretty familiar with the idea of genetics.  You oftentimes hear that the supermodel is blessed with “great genetics,” the world class athlete is blessed with “great genetics.” However, how does exercise allow you to realize the best of your own “great genetics”.   The latest in the series of “Avengers” movies is out and each character is blessed with a certain expression of their genetics in the form of a particular superpower.

Robert-Forstemann_strong-legs_05We all know that exercise is good for us however which exercise is going to give you the greatest benefit of your personal DNA and how does one modality of exercise versus another impact the expression of your genes. Understanding about epigenetics will help you to realize your own personal superpower and have a better understanding of how this works.  The science is emerging, but having some understanding of how epigenetic adaptations to exercise takes place is important.

Enter the science of Epigenetics!  The word epigenetic means over the gene.  In other words the expression of the gene over the underlying DNA that you are born with is the epigenetics’ of the gene.  A simpler definition is the expression of the gene.   We all have a face, but how we express ourselves through frowns, smiles etc. are expressions of our face.DNA_methylation

The study of epigenetics is one of the leading areas of genetic research today.   What the research is finding is that different stresses on your body (resistance exercise would be one stress, cardio exercise another, nutrition) will mark your genes through a process of DNA methylation to behave in a particular way and result in a different types of gene expression. Better health, leaner body mass, more insulin sensitivity, are all characteristics of the gene expression as a result of exercise.

Our gene expressions are influenced directly and indirectly with our genes and the environment.  Some environments you cannot control (pollution etc.), but exercise is one that you can control.   Understand that this is a complicated process and much is still unknown.  However, when you exercise, signals are sent to your DNA to make changes to adapt to a particular exercise stress by turning genes on or off or suppressing deadlift-legsor accelerating the on off switch.  In fact there is a signaling system that will try to accommodate the new environment immediately, however it takes repetitive signals to make the change more pronounced and long lasting and it is also important that you are consistent with the stressor to maintain the benefits.    The science today does not fully understand how long the change will last without repeated signals being created.

Much of the research has revolved around mapping the markers that result in negative expressions of the genes that subsequently express themselves through diseases of the body.  Researchers are trying to determine how to remark your genes to block particular diseases.   The same principle of gene expression is also evidenced in exercise because exercise is a controlled form of stress that you get determine and maintain.    In fact the scientific community is finding that a lot of the training adaptation of an athlete is more a result of the epigenetic marker than the training itself.

Exercise and Epigenetics:

Anecdotally, we see the expression of genes based on exercise.  If you had two identical twins and one was a Webb_2287921bbody builder and one a marathon runner they would have completely different body types even though they have identical DNA.  The different types of bodies are a result of the gene expression of one twin vs the other.    So we do have an idea of a framework for types of exercises that will produce a resulting gene expression.   If you were to find another set of twins with the same age and one was a body builder and one a marathon runner, the amount of change in their bodies may be much different than the first set of gareth-evans-produced-an-impressive-display-at-the-excel-594820838twins.  This is because the DNA is different.  However the relative change between the two would be similar if the exercise stressors were the same.  This is where the science is heading.  Why one twin get cancer and one does not?  They have identical DNA.  Why are the genes expressing themselves in a tumor for only one of the twins?  The answer is in gene expression and this concept applies to exercise and the resulting gene expression.

Resistance exercise causes anabolic gene expression and the evidence supports the impact on gene expression for both cardio exercise and resistance training, however the research is newer on resistance training.  It is suspected that it does have impact on gene expression.  Scientists know that certain genes turn on or off based on exercise.  This is evidenced through training.  Heavy resistance training as well as cardio exercise and the type of cardio (high intensity vs. low intensity) other anaerobic exercises produce epigenetic changes that can promote the improvement in health as a result of the exercise influencing genes to be turned on and other genes being suppressed resulting in improvements in overall health,  metabolic markers, cardiac health and better telomere health.   Telomeres dictate the ability of cells to continue to regenerate.  Telomeres shorten as we get older.  Exercise has shown to improve telomeres.

Unleash your superpower thorough understanding the epigenetic impact of exercise and the potential for great change in your health and body.

Train smart, have fun, and you will prevail!

Jacques DeVore, CSCS
Founder and CEO of Sirens & Titans FitnessSuperman

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Posted on May 17th, 2015



You want to increase vertical jump, sprint speed, first step, lateral movement for any sport or just human movement then you have to improve power.  Period.  Most people spend all of their time on developing strength and not enough time on developing power.

4 steps to improving power:

1.  Evaluate your bio-mechanics:  Where in the chain of power production are you scrubbing off power.  EX:  If you want to sprint on a bicycle and you have your hands off the handle bars the kinetic chain is open ended.  Put your hands on the bars and grip the drops and the kinetic chain closes and wicked power is produced.  You must evaluate the bio-mechanics that may be limiting your ability to produce power.   Bike fitters look at how repositioning your body on the bike will increase power.  You also need to look at your body and see where power is being scrubbed off through poor mobility, stability, and strength. 

2.  Improve Force Production:  Strength is your ability to produce force.  What is your strength to weight and how does that compare to the best in your sport?    

3.  Improve Velocity:  Velocity = distance divided by time.  What is your maximum force production in the shortest amount of time over a particular distance? 

4.  Evaluate the X Factor:  How much maximum sustained power is necessary to win in your sport ?

Understanding these 4 concepts will help you to develop the necessary training strategy to improve your power.

Train smart, have fun, and you will prevail!

Jacques DeVore, CSCS
Founder and CEO of Sirens & Titans Fitness

2015 Giro d'Italia, stage 6: Greipel sprint

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