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“ ...Jacques DeVore presented me with a unique method for training and an impressive understanding of the underlying physiology at play for both on and off the bike. He is an incredible asset to any athlete at any level... ”
David Zabriskie, Professional Cyclist
6 X USA Time Trial Champion
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Posted on May 17th, 2015



You want to increase vertical jump, sprint speed, first step, lateral movement for any sport or just human movement then you have to improve power.  Period.  Most people spend all of their time on developing strength and not enough time on developing power.

4 steps to improving power:

1.  Evaluate your bio-mechanics:  Where in the chain of power production are you scrubbing off power.  EX:  If you want to sprint on a bicycle and you have your hands off the handle bars the kinetic chain is open ended.  Put your hands on the bars and grip the drops and the kinetic chain closes and wicked power is produced.  You must evaluate the bio-mechanics that may be limiting your ability to produce power.   Bike fitters look at how repositioning your body on the bike will increase power.  You also need to look at your body and see where power is being scrubbed off through poor mobility, stability, and strength. 

2.  Improve Force Production:  Strength is your ability to produce force.  What is your strength to weight and how does that compare to the best in your sport?    

3.  Improve Velocity:  Velocity = distance divided by time.  What is your maximum force production in the shortest amount of time over a particular distance? 

4.  Evaluate the X Factor:  How much maximum sustained power is necessary to win in your sport ?

Understanding these 4 concepts will help you to develop the necessary training strategy to improve your power.

Train smart, have fun, and you will prevail!

Jacques DeVore, CSCS
Founder and CEO of Sirens & Titans Fitness

2015 Giro d'Italia, stage 6: Greipel sprint

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I took a deep breathe and reminded myself—it is only 30 minutes!

Posted on April 8th, 2015


I joined Sirens & Titans Fitness for their very first focus group in Los Angeles — that was September of 2013. Together with a small group of outrigger paddling friends, I continued to workout with Jacques, Jens and Rob throughout the construction process.  During the next year and a half we participated in the small group strength and conditioning workouts and even did a month of the Elite Program!  Throughout this time my endurance increased, and I got stronger, on and off the water.  I became much fitter and stronger than I thought I would ever be at this age (I am 46).  My body composition also improved drastically.

Enter, the VersaClimber!  The entire S&TF team started telling me that in order to take my fitness to the next IMG_5020level I should consider doing the FUBAR VersaClimber Group Workouts.  The mere thought of being on that machine for 30 minutes was more than I could imagine.  Mind you, every year I paddle 32 miles to Catalina, which takes 5 plus hours, but I could not fathom what 30 minutes would be like in a FUBAR workout. At one point, I actually told Jacque and Jens that I was afraid of the VersaClimber, and would need a bucket at the end of 30 minutes cause I would be sick for sure!

In February S&TF hosted a lovely event for women only that included a free VersaClimber group workout.  Now, who can refuse free?  Not me, so I decided to commit to the free 30-minute challenge. I set my mind to the fact that I can do anything for 30 minutes.  As I strapped my feet into the climber I nearly had a panic attack, but took a deep breathe and reminded myself—it is only 30 minutes.  I will not lie, it was a very challenging 30 minutes, but the coaches were super supportive, encouraging and downright amazing!

When the workout ended, I could not believe 30 minutes had passed!  My girlfriend and I stepped off the machine, breathing quite heavily, and immediately said to each other, “That wasn’t so bad!”  Before we exited S&TF that day we had committed to purchasing a package of 10 FUBAR workouts.

The VersaClimber workouts, which I do just once per week in conjunction with my other activities, have increased my endurance immensely.  I am learning how to better control my power output, and pace myself for both distance and shorter outrigger races.  While I find the workouts extremely challenging, they are rewarding, and the support of the coaches is phenomenal.

If you are considering the VersaClimber, but afraid of it, I want to encourage you to step up, strap yourself in and remember, “You can do anything for 30 minutes!”

 Marni P


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New S&TF Member Testimonial: “All you weekend warriors, this is the gym that is going to give you an edge on your competition.”

Posted on March 30th, 2015

Here is a wonderful testimonial from S&TF member, Brad.  He is a competitive cyclist and his been racing for a number of years in both Road Racing  and Cyclocross. He and his wife recently had a baby which severely cut into his training time on the bike and he wanted to see how he could enhance his performance on the bike as well as lose some weight while improving his power to weight on the bike.  Brad came to S&TF to start One-on-One sessions with Head Coach Jacques DeVore, S&TF CEO and Founder.  The benefits Brad is receiving from his training, with Jacques, have been big increases in strength in his lower body, his ability to produce power on the bike, loss of body weight, and also his ability to sustain power on the bike which is everything needed to improve his ability to compete at a higher level.   


Brad tearing up the cyclocross course!

Brad tearing up the cyclocross course!

In Brad’s own words… 

Sirens & Titans Fitness combine a focused and educated approach to fitness and training.  I think that their method is particularly successful if you happen to be a person that excels with a very structured training program, and/or are a person looking to supplement whatever sport you practice, with weight training.

I wanted to train with Jacques, because of his knowledge around weight training, and how best to tailor it to my hobby, cycling.  What S&TF brought, beyond that expectation, was a structured approach that would help me manage my diet,and a thorough analysis of body fat composition, flexibility, strength, power, etc.  Their monitoring of food journals, and weekly feedback provided an eye opening experience.  They will work with you to find things that you enjoy eating, that fit with your goals.  Since starting with S&TF, my weight loss has been steady.

The work Jacques has done with me has been focused on strength, power, and more specifically, maximum sustained power.  Jacques explained the different between strength and power, and how he was going to build my strength, turn that into power, and then increase duration and intensity to allow me to hold it as long as possible.  He takes meticulous notes of each workout, which allows us to go back and see where I’ve made the biggest gains, and how far I’ve come.  For me, the biggest results we’ve produced lie in this maximum sustained power range.  I can push on the peddles harder, for longer, as a result of training with Jacques.  For a cyclist, there is no greater tool.

The staff at S&TF are polite, friendly, and professional.  It is clear that their goal is to help you achieve your goals, and they work hard at it.  They tailor their method of communication to your convenience, whether it be a text message, email, or phone call. They are flexible, fair, and always happy to see you.

The coaching staff has specific knowledge on a number of sports.  If you seek them out, they will make you better at whatever you do.  Of the people I’ve met in the gym, there have been cyclists, runners, track runners, swimmers, crew, triathletes, basketball players, and probably many others I’m missing.  However, I think this gym would be ideal for a person looking to take any athletic training to the next level.  I could imagine a huge benefit for a golfer, or softball player here.  Jacques picks apart the sport, determines what a person would need to be better, and tailors a workout to make that chance.

All you weekend warriors, this is the gym that is going to give you an edge on your competition.

Brad W.

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